If we talk about canister filters, then the Fluval Fx6 canister filter truly stands at the top of the heap. The design of the filter is neat and simple. If you ever get a chance to meet someone who has been breeding fish for quite some time, you will know that Fluval Fx6 canister filter is the first name they will suggest to you when it comes to buying a filter for the tank. Of course, this strong reputation is a result of its high quality and greater effectiveness.

Before we begin talking about the glory of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter, here is a quick outlook of its incredible features that can surely entice you to read more and more about it. Our team has carefully reviewed the product and we are more than happy to share with you the details and exquisite features of this one-of-a-kind filter. We are sure that buying this filter will be a choice you will never repent on and instead thank us later.

Below in this article, you will get acquainted with every major or minor detail of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter. Right from its contents to its working, we have got everything on your plate.

Since the market is filled with different types of canister filters, it becomes hard for a layman to choose the right one, which is why our team has tested everything itself and tried to provide you the most honest review.

Product Summary

Fluval, as we all know is a leading name in the industry that has been constantly upgrading its products to serve maximum quality to the customers. Fluval’s well-designed equipment has made it survive the tough market for several years and we are sure that it still has a lot to offer. Just like all other Fluval equipment, the Fluval Fx6 canister filter is just too good to be ignored.

There is no doubt that if a reputed company like Fluval releases a new product, the customers get more curious than anxious to buy it because they already have a trust in the brand which makes them choose it beyond anything else.

Have you seen Fluval’s other edition, the Fluval Fx4? If you have, then you must know how great Fluval products are. Our first test with the Fluval Fx6 canister filter has been outstanding, which is why we have tried to share it with the readers.

If we talk about the capacity, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about as Fluval Fx6 can filter as much 400 gallons per hour. It has an extremely effective filtration system that makes it all look so smooth and perfect. With such a large capacity, it has become an ideal choice for both large and small tanks.

And do you know what makes it so special? It’s the Size. Yes, the Fluval Fx6 canister filter comes in a comparatively smaller size and is just so tiny to deliver such great features. It’s merely 15 x 15 x 20 inches and can fit into any big or small tank.

It has a very decent flow rate, making it good for all types of fish in the tank.

Fluval Fx6 canister filter works amazingly in all kinds of tanks and doesn’t even require much effort for its maintenance.

Specifications & Details

Here is a brief portrayal of the nuts and bolts of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter. These specifications will help you differentiate it from the rest of the filters available in the market.

Pump output – 925 gallons per hour

Weight- 19.9 pounds

Filter media Capacity- Media baskets hold up to 5.9 liters

Filter circulation –  563 gallons per hour

Filtration volume – 20 liters

Size- 15 x 15 x 20 inches

Head height-  3.3 meters

Utility- both freshwater and saltwater tanks

Capacity – good for tanks as huge as 400 gallons

Highlight feature- auto-start pump

Warranty -3 years

Filter media- all kinds of filter media like biological, mechanical, or chemical can be incorporated into the media baskets of Fluval Fx6 canister filter

Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter Dimensions

If you consider  15 x 15 x 20 inches to be large, then you haven’t seen the other canister filters. The size of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter is truly very less compared to the other filters in the market. It just weighs around 19.9 pounds. When it comes to size, it is one of the best, high output aquarium filters that are just the right size.

Space is a big concern when it comes to adjusting larger canister filters, but the makers of Fx6 canister filter- ie Fluval have taken good care of this issue by providing this tiny packed Fluval Fx6 canister filter. The filter can easily fit into your old aquarium set up and will not need you to empty more space for it. Since it’s easy to accommodate the Fluval Fx6 canister filter, most of the people including our team loved how it saved us from all the unnecessary mess of creating additional space.

Fluval Fx6 Canister Filter Package Contents

  • Canister filter
  • Intake strainer
  • Purge utility valve
  • Aqua stop valves
  • Rim connectors and clips
  • Lid fasteners
  • Filter media baskets
  • Filter lid
  • The power cord of the motor
  • The multi-directional output nozzle
  • Ribbed hosing
  • Rubber feet and suction cups

Incorporated Filter Media:

  • Carbon Filter Pad
  • Foam
  • Media sacks
  • Bio-Foam filter media
  • Biomax Ceramic Rings

Build Quality

The design and quality of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter are just spectacular and are sure to impress you.

The aqua stop valves of the filter are very beneficial and make the working of the filter more steady and productive. You can stop the water flow whenever you wish to without letting it flow into the other components.

Even though most of the canister filters have the stop valve yet none of them are as effective as the Fluval Fx6 canister filter aqua stop valve. Not using the filter valve can cause damage to other components of the filter.

Smart Pump Technology

The circuit of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter takes care of the proper working of the pump and makes sure that each component is carrying out its operations. You don’t have to worry about the filter even when you are out for a few days, because the smart pump technology takes control of everything.

The monitoring system does its job very well and one can completely rely on it for the proper working of the filter. Since the product is a child of Fluval, you don’t need to worry your head about its functionality. The Fluval Fx6 canister filter has dual output nozzles which can be adjusted to control the output.


The remarkable output of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter might make you speculate that it would be the noisiest filter. But to your surprise, you will find it to be the opposite of what you imagined. It will be the calmest of all the filters you had previously seen or used. You don’t have to fuss about its turbulence at all. Just adjust it into any corner and you will no way experience any commotion.

The question here is- what is it that makes it so sound-free? Well, it’s quality and design. The materials are so well-packed that there is simply no clatter. The credit for the noise-free feature should also be attributed to the rubber feet which softens the little vibration caused by the Fluval Fx6 canister filter and doesn’t let it reach our ears.

Noise is an important characteristic of the filters. If you don’t understand the importance of this, it’s clear that you have never experienced the loud noise that is heard when low-quality filters work. It is something you would not love hearing. Therefore, appreciate the sound-free nature of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter.

Aqua Stop Valves

These aqua stop valves can make your job so much easier. During the cleaning of the filter, they allow you to stop the flow of the water by turning off the valve lever. This ensures that there is no leakage of water during the maintenance process. If the valve is not turned off, there are chances that water may get into the components of the filter hence causing damage to them. Once the maintenance process is over, you can turn the valve back into its original position to ensure a normal flow rate.


Everyone dislikes manual siphoning, which is why Fluval has come up with the feature of self-priming in its Fx6 canister filter. It automatically fills up the water in the filter before the actual process of filtration takes place. The filter is functioned to stop after every 12 hours, evacuate the air trapped in it, and then restart again. This step is important to maintain the efficiency of the Fx6 canister filter.

Multi-Directional Nozzles

The flow of the water also plays an important role in keeping the tank clean. The Fluval Fx6 canister filter has multi-directional output nozzles to pump the filtered water in all directions. This also helps in the breakdown of waste and helps to keep the water clean. The suspended waste can then be filtered rather than sediment at the bottom of the tank.

Adjustable Water Flow Feature

The great flow rate might not be good for certain types of fish, which is why the Fluval Fx6 canister filter comes with multi-directional nozzles that can be bent at different angles to reduce the flow rate. The aqua stop valves can be turned to 90 degrees to turn off the water supply into the tank.

Intake Strainer

The Intake strainer is another hallmark feature of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter that greatly decreases the clogging of the filter media. It collects the debris at the initial stage without letting it get inside the filter. This reduces the pressure on the mechanical filter media and also improves the flow rate of the water. Just take care that the small fish doesn’t get trapped in the intake strainer.

Purge Utility Valve

It’s a sigh of relief for those who are tired of moving their bucket right and left across the filter, to drain its water. The purge utility valve can be seen on the bottom of the filter and it makes the whole process of maintenance a cakewalk. It allows for easy water changes. You just have to connect a hose to the valve and then the gravity does it magic and all the water in the tank is drained out in no time. This feature can even serve as a source of inspiration for fellow filter manufacturers who should also incorporate the utility valve in their designs to ease the task of draining the filter. The valve not only helps in draining the water but can also assist in filling the canister.

Media Baskets

While having a closer look at the media baskets, our team did feel that the Fluval Fx6 canister filter has some really good media baskets that can comfortably put up the filter media. These media baskets can bear up to as much as 5 liters. This is just the right capacity one would look for in any filter. It has enough space to stack different types of filter media. You don’t have to fix your mind on one kind of filter media, Fluval Fx6 canister filter gives you the option to add different and multiple types of filter media.

The large capacity doesn’t become a constraint when it comes to cleaning and removal of media baskets because they have a release handle that can be easily grabbed.

It’s also easy to replace the clogged or dirty filter media if required or else cleaning them under conditioned water can be equally good. Limited space for storage media is one of the most commonly encountered issues with other canister filters, but we should be glad as Fluval Fx6 has managed to resolve this concern.

The Visual Appeal

When looking for a canister filter, one might not be much bothered about its looks. The function is what people pay more attention to than the visual appeal. But some aquarists do look forward to the aesthetic appeal of the filter. Aesthetic and function both are important determinants while choosing the right filter.

If you are one of those who give an extra mark to the equipment that not only works good but also looks good, then Fluval Fx6 canister filter is just the right choice for you. The product has good visual appeal hence it will surely please you. The amalgamation of red, black, and white looks elegant and is somewhat similar to the look of FX4. The comparison between FX4 vs FX6 is mainly applicable on the tank gallons supporting.

Though the functions alone are enough for you to settle on Fluval Fx6 canister filter, yet if you would still crave for more, then you can treat yourself to its looks.


While one analyzes the filter for their tank, they do look for the ones that have a quick set up and are easy to be installed. Well, in that case, the Fluval Fx6 canister filter can surely stand up to your expectations.

We have carefully examined this aspect of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter and once it was installed, our team did feel that it was trouble-free. You will have to believe that this is not something you experience with every other filter, some can take a toll on your patience.

Usually, the very first obstacle on the road of installation is priming. But Fluval Fx6 canister filter has just vowed to solve every trouble of yours, the filter comes with a self-priming feature which means you have to add water and switch it on, the rest is just done on its own. Did that make you smile? Of course, the toughest part has been made the easiest and you would not need anything more to rejoice. Frustrating the users with tough installation would be the last thing manufacturers would wish for. Our team timed the process of installation and it was just as quick as it could be.

Secondly, easy usability is another gem in the crown of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter. Once everything is installed you just have to adjust the settings to make them work. Filter media should be properly stacked and that’s all.

Also, they provide every required component in the package, you will not have to buy anything extra to install the filter.

Strengths And Weaknesses

When we were testing the Fluval Fx6 canister filter, we found it to be terrific on most of the shelves. All of its features and specifications are incredible. However, we would still suggest you look at both his dark and bright sides.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter.


  • Smart pump technology
  • 6-stage filtration process
  • Durable product
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easily accessible filter media baskets
  • The choice to accommodate different filter media
  • Perfect for both large and small tanks
  • Almost Sound-free operation
  • Compact size
  • Smart monitoring system to control different operations
  • High performance with great output.
  • Maintenance reminder with the dials


  • Expensive
  • Trouble associated with removal of the lid
  • Slightly inefficient hoses

How To Prime Fluval Fx6?

Fluval Fx6 canister filter has a self-priming feature and does not trouble you with manual siphoning. It, by default, fills up the water in the tank before starting with the actual filtration process.

What’s The Minimum Tank Size For The Fluval Fx6?

Fluval Fx6 canister filter is a great choice for both big and small tanks. You can utilize it in bigger tanks with 400 gallons capacity and also tanks with 75-100 gallons size.

How To Setup A Fluval Fx6?

The setup of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter is not bothersome. You can first attach the input and output assemblies with the help of click-fit connectors. Then cut the intake and output tubes according to the distance of the filter from your aquarium. This is the only step where you need to be extra careful as cutting them at the wrong lengths can reduce the effectiveness of your filter. You can then affix the multi-directional nozzle to the tubing. The media baskets can be easily removed with the help of a T-handle release system where you can incorporate filter media of your choice. You can then restack the baskets and carefully position them inside the filter. The lid can later be assembled by fastening.

How To Clean A Fluval Fx6?

The aqua stop valves and the purge utility valve are truly the biggest windfalls of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter as they make it all so much easier. To begin with cleaning, you should first close the aqua stop valve, switch off the filter, and then connect the hose to the purge valve to drain out all the water. Once the tank is clear, move it to the place where you can clean it. The click-fit connectors will let you easily access the media baskets and remove them. Clean each filter media and place them properly in the media baskets leaving at least a half-inch space between each basket. Reach the pump and clean it properly. Lastly, wash the impeller with water and then reassemble everything.

How To Assemble Fluval Fx6?

Click-Fit Connectors can be of great help here. These connectors are used to keep the components of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter together. They make it easy to assemble and disassemble the filter. Once you have cleaned and stacked the filter media back in the filter, you just have to push down the input and output assemblies until a click sound is heard which is a signal that everything is locked into its place and an airtight fit is achieved.

How Long Are The Hoses Of Fluval Fx6?

The length of the hose provided in the package is usually 13.1 ft.long. The length of hosing should in no case exceed 16.4 ft.

How To Clean The Fluval Fx6?

The only trouble you may encounter while cleaning the filter is that you will have to carry the large canister to the place where you want to clean it. Even this can be curbed with the support of aqua stop valves and the purge utility valve of the Fluval FX6 canister filter which aids you to clear the water from the tank so it can then be carried easily. Once it’s at the right place, just take out all the filter media and clean it. You can also replace the media as required. So the Easy Is It To Clean The Fluval Fx6 canister filter

Do You Get A Free Gravel Vac When You Buy The Fluval FX6?

Yes, one of the best aspect of the Fluval Fx6 canister filter is that it permits you to affix the Fluval Fx6 canister filter Gravel Vaccum, which helps in efficient and powerful cleaning of the tank.

How To Change Water on Fluval FX6?

You just have to fasten the hose to the purge utility valve and it expels out all the water from the tank. The valve can also be employed to refill the tank but it’s not much valuable.

Final Verdict

All in all, our review team surely recommends you buy this highly productive and durable external cascade filtration system. FX6 can surely works best for your large (up to 400 gallons) or small tanks because of its high water output. Additionally, the FX6 setup is also easy and smooth. The cost can be a hindrance for your pocket but if you wisely take in acount its incredible features, then it’s a good deal. Click here to automatically find out the best price on Amazon.