Buying a filter tank is a substantial investment. There is no doubt that one usually spends a longer time selecting a good filter than selecting a tank for their marine pets. The reason is simple; no matter how big or beautiful your tank is, it will still not be suitable for fish survival unless there is an optional filtrated ecosystem. Therefore, people create a careful list of top-notch filters in the market and then study each of them in detail before finalizing one for their tank. On top of that list the Fluval 407, our team has reviewed one of the best filters available in the market, the Fluval 407.


The five main concerns of the consumer are- filtration efficiency, cost, maintenance, and filter accessories provided along with the package. Good filtration efficiency is critical as that will directly have an impact on the life of aquatic pets. Best bang for your buck is also very essential with so many accessories required for tanks, therefore cost is a big factor for filter selection. Moving ahead, filter maintenance is something that is disliked by every consumer. No matter how much you adore fishkeeping, you would still be one of those who hate the tank cleaning process. And lastly, one is always concerned about the additional accessories the manufacturers provide in the package. Nobody wants to buy the essential accessories separately after spending a considerable amount on the filter purchase. Our team has reviewed all those features on Fluval 407 review below.

fluval 407 canister review for aquariums

Fluval 407 Overall Rating: 8.8/10 

⚠️Warning: In this category Fluval FX4 scored higher (9.1/10) and Sunsun 404 scored lower (8.4/10). Make sure to check them out!

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  • Indications: Aquarium tanks with capacity ranging from 50 gallons up to 100 gallons (380 litres)
  • Pump Performance: 383 Gal/h (1450 L/h)
  • Filtration Circulation: 245 US Gal/h (930 L/h)
  • Dimensions:  24 x 18 x 49cm (L x W x H)
  • Vertical Pre-filter: 1074 Square centimetres
  • Volume of the Basket: 4.2 litres
  • Volume Of the Chamber: 6 litres
  • Canister Volume: 9.2 litres
  • Maximum Water Column Height: 2.25 meters
  • Watts: 120V/60Hz -23W – 230V/50Hz – 20W

Contents of the Fluval 407 Canister Filter Package

  • Ergonomic Aquastop valves
  • Intake tube and intake strainer
  • Filter media baskets
  • Filter media basket covers
  • Filter media handles
  • Pre-filter trays
  • Suction cup
  • Ribbed hosing
  • Rubber Hose connectors
  • Rim connectors
  • Output nozzle
  • Bio-Foam, Carbon
  • Instruction manual

fluval 407 media gaskets

Fluval 407 Features

Fluval 407, an external filtration system for either saltwater or freshwater aquariums, was first available on‎ May 8, 2019, built by the italic manufacturer Fluval Aquatics. We have reviewed the features of this filter and below are the most critical ones.


There are no two ways about the fact that the Fluval 407 external filter is a tremendous choice when it comes to buying a compact and efficient filter for your fish tank. One of the unique features of the Fluval 407 external filter is that it is quite energy-efficient with a powerful motor which generates constant pumping power, hence it not only saves money but is also friendly to the environment. Do you know the energy it utilizes is even less than the energy consumption of a simple LED lightbulb in your home?


Coming to the Fluval® 407 performance canister filter noise of operations, please be relaxed as there is hardly anything that reaches your ear. Fluval 407 external filter performs most of its operations quietly and is thus a suitable fit for a tank placed in your bedroom or office.  Fluval 407 is equipped with rubber-feet stabilizers that immensely reduce the vibration while the filter is in working mode. The glory of the Fluval 407 canister filter is evident from the progressive Fluval “407” US sales.


Despite being compact, the Fluval 407 canister filter consists of adequate space for different forms and quantities of Fluval 407 media. The Fluval 407 canister filter dimensions won’t make you compromise with your filtration needs.

The newest improvements in the design of the Fluval 407 canister filter have made it a lot more attractive and useful. The manufacturers have put in every effort to reduce the workload on your shoulders and rather make it one hundred percent plain-sailing for you.

fluval aquatics 407 parts

Fluval 406 vs 407

A lot of people also have queries regarding Fluval 406 vs 407, therefore we have tried to include all the information about it in the following Fluval 407 review. Are you still confused about Fluval 406 vs 407? Read below.

If you trace the footsteps of the series, you will know how better it is than the previous models. The Fluval 407 cascade filtration system manufacturers have diligently worked on the shortcomings in the previous models and have covered them up in the 407. If the question is Fluval 406 vs 407, then the choice should be pretty simple. Fluval 407 price is worth the quality provided than the previous generation 406, which of course is a good choice if you cannot afford 407. The 407 is also often compared a lot to FX4 and Sunsun 404 being on the same gallons category.

A few aspects in which you should consider Fluval 407 external filter to be a better choice than its forefathers are as follows :

  • A lot more silent
  • Easier installation
  • Commendable flow rate
  • A reliable locking system thus ensured a leak-proof seal
  • Greater filtration efficiency
  • Compact in size, hence easier to accommodate

Ignoring this praiseworthy filter is like turning a blind eye. If you consider these numerous benefits, the Fluval 407 price seems to be nominal. You have no reason to not buy this exclusive filter. The Fluval 407 canister filter is truly capable of enhancing the aquatic environment for your aqua life and other aquatic animals and plants.

fluval 407 external filter tank gallons

Fluval 407 Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Fluval 100 gallon filter for aquarists.


  • Innovative design
  • Dual-lift clamps make it easy to release and attach
  • 100% leak-proof seal
  • Strong and durable filter parts
  • Easy to lift and clean media baskets
  • The package is equipped with all the essential stuff
  • Rubber-feet stabilizers help in vibration reduction
  • Energy-efficient
  • Vertical pre-filter cartridge ensures efficient mechanical filtration
  • Noise-free operation
  • Powerful pumping system
  • Easy priming


  • Price
  • Timely replacement of foams
  • Setup process might upset you
  • Leakage issues

Leakage with Fluval 407 canister filter is something that is encountered only if the instructions in the manual are not followed correctly. If you follow the Fluval Aquatics instructions manual, you will never have to face any flood in your living room due to the Fluval 407 external filter. If the manual doesn’t seem to help, you might want to contact a professional in your area or ask for a replacement.

Fluval 407 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Install Fluval 407?

Begin the setup with unpacking the canister filter 407 Fluval package and carefully arranging the filter parts. The Fluval 407 parts diagram in the manual is quite illustrative and beneficial.

Always remember to position the 407 Fluval below the aquarium.

Position the two rim connectors, one right above the intake tube and the other above the output nozzle, and then attach the suction cups to the inside and outside of each connector. Proceed ahead by connecting the ergonomic AquaStop valves into the input and output connectors. The manual guides you about the accurate Fluval 407 valve barb size. Cut the hoses at the desired length and connect them to the intake and output assembly. Remove the Fluval 407 media baskets, rinse them with water and film them up with desired media. Lastly, fit the Fluval 407 gasket into the base of the motorhead and carefully lock the aquarium filter cover with the help of the lift-lock clamps.

How to Prime Fluval 407?

The instant-prime handle has made priming a child’s play. Pull and push the handle until water starts to fill the unit. It helps filling water in the fish tank and expelling out the unwanted air. The aqua stop valve must be completely open to expel air bubbles. Remember to keep the lever in the down position. Fluval 407 performance canister filter setup is indeed a manageable task. Fluval 407 spare parts can be easily bought here with a good amount of stock filters for sale too.

How Often Should I Clean My Fluval Filter 407?

Well not as often as you had to clean your old, traditional filter. Most people quote that their Fluval 407 aquarium filter cleaning period can hold even 30 days of “no cleaning”. But as per the experts, cleaning the unit every 2-3 weeks increases its longevity. Of course, the more the Fluval 407 parts are taken care of, the longer they will serve. The Fluval 407 media should be replaced monthly while the ribbed hoses can be cleaned yearly.

How to Replace the Fluval 407 Hose?

To replace the hose, initiate the process by closing the AquaStop valve and unplugging the power cord of the Fluval 407 performance canister filter. Then disconnect the hoses, check them for any sort of impurities or damage. If they are clogged beyond restoration, choose to replace them with new ones. Connect the new hoses as directed in the Fluval 407 performance canister filter setup section of the manual.

What Media For the Fluval 407?

Necessitates the inclusion of different types of filtration media to ensure optimum filtration and outstanding water quality of tank water. Although the canister already includes biological, chemical, and mechanical filtering, with four media baskets, your options are no longer limited. Biological Fluval 407 media helps in eliminating harmful microorganisms while simultaneously facilitating the growth of essential microbes. These microbes enhance the purification of the water. Apart from biological Fluval 407 media, ammonia, phosphate, and nitrite remover pads ensure chemical filtration of the aquarium tank water. These are some of the best filter media for Fluval 407 canister.

How To Stack Filter Media?

It’s truly hard to track a filter that has such straightforward access to the filter media baskets, therefore you just shouldn’t take this feature for granted.

Fluval 407 filter media layout is easy to remember. Once you have cleaned the media, you just have to carefully stack it back in the correct order. It is advisable to place the chemical Fluval 407 media at the bottom-most stage of filtration as it can only be replaced and not cleaned. The chemical media at the bottom-most stage confirms lesser clogging and thus infrequent replacements. Stack the trays such that water only passes through the trays and not around them.

The box comprises 2 white bio-foam for additional capacity and black organic foam in the lower tray. The blue foam is only utilized as a mechanical filter and is between rough/medium density.

Is the 407 noisy?

Our review team found out that the highest entry of 07 series is 25% quiter than previous models, offering a very quiet sound operation and has a way better noise insulation than the 406 model, qualifying for one of less noisy cascade filters in the fishlore industry.

Where Should You Place the Fluval 407?

The Fluval 407 should be positioned underneath your fish tank to achieve maximum performance. It should be located someplace below it, however it does not have to be precisely beneath. And that is why the pressure of the water works best when the filter is below so that the pump don’t have to push the water so aggressively. In any way the new 07 canister filter dimensions are way too good compared to how much it filtrates per hour.

Final Verdict

There are not many filter manufacturers who can beat Fluval Aquatics cascade filters in terms of filtration performance, energy consumption efficiency, and soundproof ability. The dual lift and lock motorhead clamps ensure a leak-proof seal. Energy efficiency automatically signifies the cost-effective nature of the Fluval 407 performance canister filter. The Fluval 407 setup is a breeze.

The Fluval 407  parts diagram provided in the instruction manual is critical to simplify the installation process. Some of the features included in the Fluval 407 canister filter series are so good that they will just leave you awestruck. For instance, the suction aid that works as a pre-filter has truly changed how everything was done in the previous filters and has finally made maintenance simpler for all of us. To give the utmost value to your time, the maintenance process is made as brisk as possible. All this will give your filter maintenance a new definition.

Available Fluval 407 for sale numbers are continually touching the skies. Luckily, the Fluval 407 price doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. Do you still need more to stir your soul?

Sharing this Fluval 407 review can help your friends buy the right filter