SUNSUN HW-5000 UV 9W 4-Stage External Canister Filter


Sunsun China has time and again proved its greatness in manufacturing aquarium-related products. Each of its new filters is better than the previous one. They have closely studied the filtration systems and have then designed their filters with maximum filtration efficiency. In terms of both quantity and quality, the sunsun external canister filters are a supreme choice as they are not only capable of holding large volumes of water but can also filter it with great success. Sunsun HW-5000 external canister filter is SunSun China’s latest release that made it to the market in 2019 and has since then been a talk of the town. Owing to its popularity, our team has tried to have a closer look at its features and design to decide if it’s worthy of all the hype. Based on our inspection, we have curated a detailed sunsun hw-5000 external canister filter review for you.

Specifications SunSun HW-5000 Canister Filter

Filter Dimensions- 380x380x550 mm

Filter Weight- 10.5 Kilograms

Voltage- 110V/220V/240V

Frequency – 50Hz/60Hz

Speed levels- 7

Filtration- 4-stage filtration – consisting of mechanical, biological, and chemical

Filter Media Trays- 3

Hose length- 1.8m

Pump Power- 10W-40W power

UV Power – 9W

H-max- 1.4m~3.8m

Flow Rate- 1800~4600 liters per hour

Utilization – Both freshwater and marine tanks

Ideal Gallon Tank- up to 75-150 gallons

7-Speed Variables

●     Speed level- P010

Pump Power- 10W

H-max- 1.4m

Flow Rate- 476 gallons per hour

●     Speed level- P015

Pump Power- 15W

H-max- 1.8m

Flow Rate- 608 gallons per hour

●     Speed level- P020

Pump Power- 20W

H-max- 2.2m

Flow Rate- 740 gallons per hour

●     Speed level- P025

Pump Power- 25W power

H-max- 2.6m

Flow Rate- 872 gallons per hour

●     Speed level- P030

Pump Power- 30W

H-max- 3.0m

Flow Rate- 1004 gallons per hour

●     Speed level- P035

Pump Power- 35W

H-max- 3.4m

Flow Rate- 1110 gallons per hour

●     Speed level- P040

Pump Power- 40W

H-max- 3.8m

Flow Rate- 1215 gallons per hour

Contents Of The Package

  • Ceramic impeller
  • Output and input tubes
  • Valve assembly
  • Adjustable tubing
  • SunSun spray bars
  • Suction cups
  • Barrelhead O-rings
  • Filter compartment cover
  • SunSun filter media- Filter fleece, sponges, ceramic rings, activated carbon and bio-balls
  • Sunsun Filter media trays
  • SunSun UV sterilizer
  • Quartz sleeves


Both freshwater and saltwater aquarium owners can rely on the sunsun filters. It can be comfortably positioned in both higher and lower gallon tanks, which thus makes it a versatile choice.


Installation of the sunsun canister filter is an easy job both for beginners and experienced aquarists. Set-up majorly included two important tasks- sunsun canister filter media setup and attachment of hoses. Sunsun filter media trays should be incorporated with mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media. Apart from what is provided inside the package, you can buy extra sunsun filter media from the market. Make sure that you stack the sunsun filter media trays properly and once it’s done, fill the impeller with water. Then connect the hoses to the hose adapters and turn on the switch. The sunsun UV sterilizer instructions can be found in their manual or on the web. After turning in the switch, push the pumping button to initiate priming. This is what the whole setup process is about.


The sunsun filtration pump hw-5000 has a ceramic impeller, which is much more robust and long-lasting than the plastic one. Each sunsun filter part is assembled in a way that affirms efficient filtration of a large volume of water. Since the filter body is quite large, there is sufficient space for different filter media accommodation. The higher the number of filter media present inside a filter, the greater will be its efficiency, therefore sunsun filter hw-5000 is a terrific choice. Also, the sunsun filter parts do not cause any noticeable commotion as they are put together very nicely, thus making it one of the most peaceful filters.


If you compare Sunsun HW-5000 external canister with other filter brands, you will know that it conserves much more energy than the rest because of its removable DC pump that works with SINE wave technology.


The brilliant sunsun hw-5000 filter has a LED display that gives you the power to regulate different features as per the requirements of your tank, for instance, if you have a small tank, you can use this LED display to slow down the high flow rate of the sunsun canister filter. You can also control the working of the sunsun UV sterilizer.

Self- Priming

The age-old pain of siphoning a filter shouldn’t be your concern in this modern era. Sunsun china manufacturers have made the best possible contribution in creating user-friendly features. Since siphoning isn’t ever considered a meaningful task, sunsun China has come up with sunsun hw-5000 that has a self-priming feature. All you need to do is, fill the impeller with little water before locking the lid, and then just press the pumping button a few times. This pumping action helps in filling the water inside the tank and also removes air bubbles.

Adjustable Flow Rate

Usually, people get very annoyed when they have to buy a new filter every time they switch onto a higher gallon tank. Therefore, you must always choose a filter that has an adjustable flow rate so you can use it in both higher and lesser gallon tanks. Sunsun HW-5000 is a perfect selection as it has an adjustable flow rate feature that allows you to regulate the flow rate as per your tank needs.


The Sunsun canister filter hw-5000 has a 4-stage filtration system that involves one sunsun filter media tray for each mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media; and a 9W Sunsun UV sterilizer. All these filtration stages make sure that the water reaching the tank is clean and healthy at all times.

Cleaning And Maintenance

No matter how good a product is, its durability primarily depends on the usage by the consumer. Even the most expensive and top-notch quality products can wear off if you use them roughly and don’t pay attention to their maintenance. Therefore, you must regularly keep a check on the working of the product. All the filters need some sort of maintenance to increase their life and performance. The maintenance of Sunsun canister filter hw-5000 will not be a cause of your stress. You will just have to clean it once or twice in 4 weeks. Also, the cleaning task is made every much simpler with the help of valves and drainage holes. The drainage hole beneath the surface of the sunsun canister filter hw-5000 has a valve that allows quick emptying of the filter. This one thing makes the maintenance a smooth process and doesn’t let it get on your nerves. Don’t forget to replace the sunsun filter parts that demand frequent repairs.

9W SunSun UV Sterilizer

The job of the sunsun 9W UV sterilizer is to eliminate the growing bacteria and algae spores inside the tank water. This is a very important step in the filtration of water. Since the sunsun aquarium filter, HW-5000 is already equipped with different stages of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration; the additional 9W UV sterilizer acts like a cherry on the top. It asserts 100% removal of impurities and harmful bacteria from the water and makes it crystal clear in appearance and pure in quality. According to our observation, we give a 10/10 sunsun UV sterilizer review.

You can find the sunsun UV sterilizer instructions in the manual provided in the package.

Silent Filter

Is there anything more annoying than the constant commotion that is heard while a filter operates? Truly, if you have one such noisy filter, you might know what it means to live in a house that has such a disturbing sound all over. Sunsun China has been considerate enough to realize this issue and has hence made sunsun hw-5000 completely noise-free. You will not have to think twice about positioning it in any corner of your house or office.


  • Smooth working
  • Quick setup
  • Energy-efficient
  • Optimum flow rate
  • Peaceful filter
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • In-built UV sterilizer to eliminate harmful bacteria and algae spores
  • Easy to maintain
  • Greater efficiency
  • LED control panel to regulate different operations
  • Self- priming; manual siphoning not necessitated
  • Top-notch filtration process
  • Long-lasting product, demands minimum repair


  • A little expensive
  • Unclear instructions in the manual

How To Install The SunSun Filtration Pump HW-5000?

The sunsun canister filter setup is as simple as ABC. It’s just about putting everything in its right place. The sunsun canister filter instructions in the manual provided along the package might initially confuse you a little, therefore we advise you to look at sunsun youtube videos instead. Your first task should be to place the sunsun filter media into the respective filter media trays. The sunsun canister filter media setup is usually in the order of- mechanical first, chemical next, and biological last. This sunsun canister filter media order ensures the elimination of maximum impurities in the mechanical and chemical filtration stages so that the least amount of dirt reaches the biological filter media and it needs infrequent replacement. After the filter media setup, you have to fill the filter with water for priming and then close the assembly.

The sunsun UV sterilizer instructions are nicely explained in their instruction manual which you can read and understand for setting it up. Connect both input and output hoses. And lastly, press the pumping button to fill up the tank with water.

How Much Gallons Tank Is Suitable For The SunSun HW-5000?

Since the sunsun hw-5000 filter has an adjustable flow rate, the tank size shouldn’t be a problem. You can adjust the flow according to the gallons of your water tank. The ideal tank size is usually 75-150 gallons.

Where To Buy The SunSun Canister Filter HW-5000?

The SunSun Hw-5000 can be easily bought at both online and offline markets. You can explore the sunsun filter website to see all their products. Some online portals even have Sunsun hw-5000 and sunsun 704b for sale.

How To Prime The Sunsun HW-5000 Canister Filter?

Manual siphoning is the biggest struggle with the filters, and therefore Sunsun China has tried to save you from that struggle by providing a self-priming feature in the sunsun aquarium filters. It will only demand you to fill the sunsun UV filter with water and press the priming button to initiate the process of air bubble removal and filling of the sunsun fish tank.

How To Clean The SunSun HW-5000 External Canister Filter?

To keep our fish tanks in a healthy state, we buy top-quality filters that have great efficiency to eliminate harmful bacteria and impurities from the tank. But this doesn’t mean that a good filter ends our job. If not the tank, then at least you have to move some muscles to clean the filter. Sunsun China makes sure that they consume the least of your time and effort to clean the sunsun hw-5000. You will just have to dismantle the filter lid and reach out to the sunsun filter media present inside. Carefully take out each sunsun filter media tray and clean it under conditioned water. Also, rinse all the impurities from the sunsun hw-5000 ceramic impeller. Once you are done, rearrange the sunsun filter media setup as per your requirements.

How Often To Clean The SunSun 4-Stage External Canister Filter HW-5000?

Though the sunsun hw-5000 doesn’t necessitate frequent cleaning, yet make it a point to clean it at least once or twice a week. You don’t need to take a full day off from work as the process is entirely simple and quick. Cleaning not only separates the impurities from the sunsun fish tank but also maintains the correct chemical balance inside the tank water. This whole process of cleaning greatly improves the longevity of the sunsun hw-5000. The greater the maintenance, the longer the filter lasts.

How Loud Is The Sunsun Canister Filter HW-5000?

Loud? It’s instead, one of the most silent filters available in the market. Due to closely fit sunsun filter parts, there is no disturbance heard outside while the filter is operating. Therefore, all those who are looking for a silent filter should blindly decide on buying a sunsun hw-5000.

Final verdict

After learning about the glory of this phenomenal external canister filter, you are sure to get allured by the Sunsun China manufacturers. If you look at the design, working and efficiency of the sunsun 4-stage external canister filter hw-5000, you will know that the company has truly put in a lot of effort into it. Right from the filter set up to the filter maintenance, everything is pretty smooth and understandable. You can conveniently find helpful sunsun youtube videos regarding the installation of the sunsun filtration pump hw-5000. You can choose the sunsun filter media order as per your tank requirements. Additional filter media can also be bought and incorporated into the sunsun hw-5000. The sunsun UV sterilizer is another mark of excellence for this incredible filter. The digital display makes everything even simpler by allowing you to regulate each operation. If cost is what is worrying you, then remind yourself of the maintenance burden that comes with cheap and inexpensive filters. It’s always better to spend once in buying a good quality product than paying for frequent repairs of a poor product. We hope this sunsun filter review helps you make the correct purchase for your tank.