Canister filters are the biggest hype in the filter market. They are considered to be the best in terms of flow rate, capacity, and filtration efficiency. But the trouble is that the market is crowded with numerous canister filters that it becomes hard to decide on one.

To render a helping hand to the buyers, our team has spent hours studying different aspects of filters available in the market. Based on our inspection, SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter is a worth-try product. The filter has an inbuilt 9W UV sterilizer that is important to protect the aquarium from algae formation. The manufacturers of the SunSun canister filter HW-3000 have made it more user-friendly by introducing an LCD display that makes everything simpler for the user to control or adjust. It allows you to alter the exposure time of UV light and also regulate the flow rate. The filter has a self-priming feature which means you only have to put in the water in the intake and output tubes and plug in the switch, the filter will itself take care of everything else.

SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter also has a surface skimmer which is beneficial in providing adequate oxygen to the fish and the filter. It prevents the formation of surface scum and keeps the water surface clean and healthy for the aquatic animals.

Here is a detailed SunSun HW-3000 review that will provide you all the necessary information on its performance and versatility.


Specifications of SunSun Canister Filter HW-3000

Product Dimensions : 18 x 13 x 16 inches

Weight: 16 lbs

Utility: Both freshwater and saltwater tanks

Flow rate:  793 Gallons per hour – the flow rate can be adjusted

Power: 30 W

Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz

Capacity: 100 gallons

Filtration system: 5-stage filtration

Filter Media – 4 filter media baskets

Warranty period: 30 days



Since leakage is a major concern with most of the filters, the makers of SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter

have worked to resolve this issue. Each of their filters undergoes a water pressurization test which ensures that no leakage is encountered with any of them.

Once the filter passes this pressurization test, it is packed into boxes and delivered to the customers. Do not get anxious if you find some amount of condensation water inside your brand new filter because it is just the residual water that failed to dry up before packaging. This should not be considered as a sign of cheap quality or used product but is instead an indication that the filter has been properly tested.

The company, in advance, alerts the buyers about the same.


Setting up the SunSun canister filter HW-3000 is not as laborious as it may seem to be. With a few easy steps, you can quickly start operating the filter.

To begin with, unfasten the lid and unload it from the body. Take out the quartz sleeve and UV lamp affixed to the filter media baskets and connect the quartz with the UV slot. Then put the filter media into the baskets and fill up the water inside the body. Once you have stacked up all the filter media, look out for the input and output adapter and connect it to the canister. The levers should be in the ”water off” position while you are connecting the adapters. The adapter should then be attached to the green hose. The inlet and outlet kit should be affixed to the “IN” and “OUT” adapter respectively. Lastly, turn off the knob and allow water into the inlet and outlet hoses. After setting up everything in its place, plug in the power cord and adjust the settings with the help of the control panel on the LCD display of the filter.

There are certain ways you need to learn to adjust different operations of the filter. It’s not tricky if you comprehend it once.

For instance, to regulate the power of the pump, unlock the control panel by pressing the fan control for 3 seconds. Once the panel gets unlocked, again hold the button for 3 more seconds and then regulate the power with the help of “up” and “down” keys. Similarly, the UV light timer can be adjusted by pressing the light button for 3 seconds twice and then setting it up with “up” and “down” arrows.

After understanding the process, you can appreciate how easy it is to install the SunSun canister filter HW-3000.


The filter is highly efficient with a flow rate of 793 gph. The SunSun filtration pump has a capacity of 100 gallons, which means it can flow through a complete tank as many as 8 times in just an hour. Such efficiency works very well for most of the tanks and greatly reduces the manual hard work. Since you can control the individual components with the help of the control panel of the filter, everything becomes even simpler. You wouldn’t have to worry about the working of the tank if you have a SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter.

Filter Media

The SunSun canister filter HW-3000 is provided with 4 filter media baskets that ensure proper cleaning of the water and provide a healthy and clean environment to the aquatic animals. The filter media is not provided inside the package and you can buy it as per your choice. The UV sterilizer present at the end acts as the fifth stage of filtration and makes the water germ-free. The SunSun UV sterilizer review has been pretty good so far.

The filter media like ceramic rings, bio-balls, and activated carbon can be bought separately and added to the SunSun filter media baskets. Ceramic rings help in the growth of essential bacteria. The bio-balls, on the other hand, are required for optimum gas exchange.

Adjustable Flow Rate

The SunSun canister filter HW-3000 has a flow rate of 793 gallons per hour. It can clean the water in a 100-gallon tank 8 times in an hour, which means it has great efficiency to keep your tank clean at all times. This adjustable flow rate can greatly help you to create a comfortable aquatic environment for different fish.

UV Sterilizer

The SunSun aquarium filter is also equipped with a UV sterilizer that makes the water cycle through the UV light. The high dose of UV light is lethal to the microorganisms present in the water and protects the marine animals. Since the light is guarded by a quartz sleeve, no amount of water gets in direct contact with the electric system of the filter.

The control panel also allows you to regulate the period of UV light exposure. The SunSun UV sterilizer is indeed the hallmark of the SunSun canister filter HW-3000.

LCD Display

The LCD display is a unique and special feature that allows you to determine the time for UV sterilization light along with regulating the flow rate of the pump. You can adjust all these settings by pressing a few buttons on the LCD display. These settings need not be revised frequently. As long as you don’t swap between different filters and make no major change in the tank, there is no need to worry about the programming.

Another amazing aspect of the LCD display is that the buttons need to be pressed with firm pressure, which certainly makes you more alert about the choices.


Just like all other top-class filters available in the market, the SunSun canister filter HW-3000 also has a self-priming feature, which means no manual siphoning is required and the pump itself takes care of the priming. All you need to do is, put in the water and plug-into the switch. This feature is truly a big relief for the customers.


The SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter works both in salty and freshwater tanks. No corrosion is encountered with salty water tanks.

It fulfills almost all the cleaning needs of the aquariums. It gives you the liberty to choose the filter media of your brand choice. SunSun canister filter HW-3000 includes five different media systems and also has a UV light feature. The LCD display can help you to customize the cleaning process based on the fresh or saltwater tank. On the whole, it comes with a vast variety of features and can certainly be a suitable choice for your aquarium.


The SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter can deal with greater amounts of water. It can be utilized in tanks as large as 100 gallons. So, if you need an efficient filter for your large size tank, there can be no better choice than SunSun canister filter HW-3000.


When you decide to buy a large capacity filter, you should be prepared to bear the loud sound of operations. Some buyers don’t care about the noise unless the filter is equipped with necessary and unique features. Similarly, the loud noise of the SunSun fish tank filter is overlooked because of the amazing features offered by it. Since it has a flow rate of 793 gph, the noise level produced by it is a little high. But certain ways can help you minimize the SunSun HW-3000 noise such as placing the filter inside a cabinet or wooden box. You just have to be sure that the filter is completely assembled and has no leakage before you enclose it inside the box. Else, if the sound is truly a big concern for you, you can always switch to quieter models.


There is no doubt about the great performance of the SunSun canister filter HW-3000, however, its cleaning might upset you a little. It has a five-stage filtrations system with 4 filter media baskets. The construction of the filter is such that the dirt and waste get accumulated against the media and reduces its filtration efficiency. This is the reason that the filter demands regular cleaning or replacement of filter media. Clogging of filter media can be considered as a blot in the glory of this impressive filter.

In case, you encounter an issue of bubbling or air getting trapped inside the filter, then you can try to restack the baskets properly and look for any twisted or loose hoses which is usually the main reason for such an issue. Sometimes it becomes difficult to connect the brand-new hard tubing; in that case, these rigid hoses can be softened by a little heat. Keep in mind that excessive heat may cause the tubing to warp which is not good for your filter setup.



  • Easy setup
  • Impressive features like LCD display, UV sterilizer, UV light timer, water stop valves, etc.
  • Great efficiency
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Good filtration capacity
  • Suitable for both large and small tanks
  • Easy siphoning
  • Durable choice
  • Provide a germ-free aquatic environment
  • Self-priming feature
  • The surface skimmer is a great inclusion by the manufacturers
  • Worth the price


  • Complicated user manual
  • Loud noise
  • Difficult maintenance

Is The SunSun HW-3000 Canister Filter Loud?

Yes, the sound is a little loud but if you consider its efficiency, then you can just ignore the noise. The SunSun HW-3000 noise can further be minimized by placing it inside a wooden box.

How Often To Clean SunSun Canister Filter HW-3000?

The SunSun canister filter HW-3000 demands frequent cleaning. Its design is built such that there is constant clogging of the dirt in the filter media. Therefore, It is advisable to carry out the cleaning process at least once a month.

How To Clean And Change The Media In A SunSun Canister Filter HW-3000?

To begin the cleaning process, turn off the filter and put the levers in the “water off” position. Then pull out the valves, open the filter, and take out all the filter media. Clean the SunSun filter media under the conditioned water. The heavily clogged filter media should be replaced with a new one. The new filter media should be properly stacked in the filter media baskets and then the filter parts should be assembled back together.

How Many Gallons Of Tank Is Suitable For The SunSun HW-3000 Canister Filter?

The filter can be perfectly used for tanks as large as 100 gallons in size. You can also use it in small tanks as long as the fish is comfortable with the flow rate. Hence, the SunSun canister filtration pump can be suitable for all tank sizes.

How To Install A SunSun Filtration Pump HW-3000?

The SunSun canister filter parts can be easily assembled if you understand the quick guide. The instruction manual provided along with the filter is meant to be a guide to the user, but such is not the case with SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter. The user manual has unclear instructions that can confuse you, which is why you might have to move to the web for rescue. The SunSun youtube videos are far more helpful than the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

The setup of the SunSun canister filter HW-3000 is not as difficult as it is portrayed in the manual, it is instead easier than most of the other filters if you follow the correct instructions available on the internet. The youtube videos can simplify the SetUp process of the SunSun Canister Filter HW-3000.

How To Prime The SunSun Canister Filter HW-3000?

The SunSun canister filter HW-3000 has a self-priming feature. You just have to put in the water and switch it on, the rest is all taken care of by the filter itself. It stops after a few hours to evacuate the air trapped inside it and then again begin performing its function.

Overall Verdict

After conducting a careful analysis, our team suggests that SunSun HW-3000 5-stage external canister filter can be a good purchase for your tank. We have precisely looked upon all it’s aspects, and they are good to be considered. The setup of the SunSun canister filter is easy, and the efficiency is remarkable. It is a great choice especially if you have a larger tank. Though the loud noise of the SunSun filter and the frequent clogging of the filter media might stress you a little, yet you cannot decline to appreciate its smooth performance.

We hope this SunSun HW-3000 review will help you make the best purchase for your tank.