The trend of petting aquatic animals has immensely increased in the past few years. Earlier you could only find a few offices or hotels that had those beautiful fish tanks at their reception areas. But today, you can locate these aquariums at most of the houses and offices. People have become quite aware of how the tanks need to be maintained or how the fish need to be taken care of.

The tremendous progress in the filter manufacturing industry is one of the main reasons behind such growth. Of course, you can’t just buy the fish and put them in a water bowl and forget about it. The water tank needs proper maintenance and this is why filters are becoming extremely popular. In absence of the right filtration, the fish fails to survive.

There is no limit to the number of filters you will discover in both online and offline markets. This vast collection can truly leave a naive aquarist bewildered and might even make him give up on the thought of buying one.

To lend a helping hand, our team has personally reviewed a few popular filters. In this article below we shall discuss the Marineland Magniflow 160 filters in detail. We hope this Marineland Magniflow 160 review provides you better clarity and makes it easier for you to choose the right filter for your tank. This leading name in the filter market certainly deserves your kind attention.


Dimensions- 12.2 x 9.2 x 13.6 inch

Filter Weight- 20 pounds

Filtration- 3-stage filtration – consisting of mechanical, biological, and chemical

Filter Media Trays- 3

Flow Rate- 160 gallons per hour

Utilization – Both freshwater and marine tanks

Ideal Gallon Tank- up to 30 gallons


The Marineland Magniflow 160 filters can be conveniently utilized in both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. The ideal tank size for the Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter is 30 gallons.

Components quality

The weight of the Marineland Magniflow canister aquarium filter is comparatively higher than other filter models, which makes it a little hard to carry it, especially when it is filled with water. But for such great quality and capacity, the weight should not be a concern.

The hoses provided in the package are of tremendous characteristic. They are sufficiently wide and long. The Marineland Magniflow 160 hose diameter is wide enough to facilitate optimum flow rate. The strong and sturdy plastic body lasts for years and offers great filtration quality.

Commendable Design

A layman wouldn’t be able to notice much difference in the design of varied filters but an experienced aquarist knows how the design alone can affect your experience. We usually do not pay much thought to the lid of the filter while buying it but once you have had one that popped off easily, you will always be careful about it. The loose lids can mess up your living area with all the filter waste, this is why Marineland Magniflow filters have closely-fit lids that stay in place and never cause any casualties. The watertight seal is its remarkable feature and prevents leakage of tank contents. Just make sure you correctly press down the lid to achieve a watertight seal. Marineland Magniflow O-rings are responsible for such a leak-proof seal.

Also, the filter media trays are designed to be stacked properly without any room for leakage. The design ensures that water passes only through the Marineland Magniflow filter media baskets and not around them. The secure-fit trays provide a leak-proof setup.

Furthermore, the Marineland Magniflow canister tray size has an adequate surface area for filter media accommodation. This isn’t something you would easily find in the other filter brands. It gives you the freedom to customize the filter media setup as per your tank requirements. It’s also easy to reach the filter media trays to initiate the cleaning process.

Quick Setup

For years, every filter has been suffering backlash from the consumers because of its complicated setup. A consumer who spends a decent amount in buying a good filter doesn’t wish to trouble himself with its difficult setup. Nobody wants to spend another few dollars on hiring someone who can install it for them. People expect the filter setup to be quick and easy, something they can manage on their own. And maybe this is what Marineland Magniflow 160 filter manufacturers have paid great attention to and thus put together a filter with a straightforward setup. If you are familiar with the technical terms, then the instruction manual provided shall be very helpful for you and can make you quickly install everything in its place. But in case you are unable to understand the complicated manual, choose to play the instructional DVD provided in the package. It’s rightly said, when we see the things ourselves, it becomes easy to replicate them rather than read about them in the manual and then struggle to get them in the right place. A lot of people record their filter set up videos and upload them on their YouTube channels. These videos are extremely valuable, sometimes even more than the instruction manual.

If you have already had the experience of filter setup before in life, then the Marineland Magniflow canister filter setup will anyway not be a problem for you. Just take out all the Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter parts provided in the package and begin with stacking up the filter media trays after filling them with desired filter media. The Marineland Magniflow canister tubing is provided inside the package and should be trimmed as per the tank requirements and then attached accordingly.


Manually siphoning is an age-old discussion now, as most of the recent filters have a self-priming feature. The quick prime button launched by the Marineland Magniflow 160 manufacturers is the end to all your priming miseries. Pressing the prime button initiates self-priming of the Marineland Magniflow canister filter. It eliminates all the unwanted air bubbles and maintains proper ventilation. Filling up the tank is thus a child’s play with Marineland Magniflow filters.

Three-stage Filtration

The Marineland Magniflow canister filter 160 includes three different stages of filtration such as mechanical, chemical, and biological Marineland Magniflow media. Once the water passes through these stages, there is no chance of it being impure in any way.

Biological filtration consists of ceramic rings that contain bio-balls. The large surface of the rings ensures optimum filtration and stimulates the growth of Bio-Spira and ammonia-neutralizing bacteria.

The mechanical filtration stage consists of efficient filter pads that mechanically lock the impurities and do not let them pass through the filter basket onto other filtration stages. Due to its great efficiency, it is usually the topmost stage of filtration. Since it segregates the maximum debris and impurities, it greatly plays a role in increasing the life and efficacy of chemical and biological filter media located below it.

Chemical filter media comprises activated carbon, black diamond, etc. that removes harmful odours, impurities, and unwanted bacteria.

All these filtration stages help in keeping your tank completely healthy for the aquatic animals and plants present inside it. The quality of the aquatic environment is thoroughly maintained with the use of Magniflow Marineland canister filters.

Manageable Maintenance

There truly isn’t anything more annoying than cleaning the regular aquarium filters. But thankfully, Marineland Magniflow canister filter 160 cleaning is such a blessing. The manufacturers have designed it in a way that no tiresome efforts are required to maintain the Magniflow Marineland canister filter. It is a great piece of equipment to buy for your tank and requests minimal maintenance. The Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter parts can be easily separated and cleaned. The valve block is of great help as it ensures no leakage while the cleaning process is being carried out. Before splitting up the clips, pop the valve block to cease the flow of water. Once all the Marineland Magniflow filter media and other parts have been cleaned, plug back the clips on their original position. Replacement should be planned in case of filter media that have been heavily clogged.

Now you know why beginners always choose the Marineland Magniflow canister filter products. Pick up any random Marineland Magniflow 160 review available on the web, and you will find all of them to be in the favor of the equipment.

Noise-free Operations

What do you expect from a filter with such a great processor? Of course, nothing less than a loud and disturbing noise. But this is the only aspect where Marineland Magniflow canister filter 160 filters do not stand up to your expectations as it performs completely noise-free operations.

People expect a filter to have a great flow rate, exclusive features, a smart processor, and all of that with minimal noise. This becomes quite challenging for the manufacturers as it’s hard to put together a huge and noise-free filter.

Thankfully, with the recent advancements in the field of technology, it isn’t so overwhelming anymore. A lot of filter manufacturing companies have started to launch silent filters, Marineland Magniflow c-160 canister filter is one of those big names. The Marineland Magniflow noise is inaudible to the human ear. The filters are extremely peaceful and hence a desirable option for the consumers.

Reliable Product

Invest once and relax for the next few years- that’s what the manufacturers have tried to achieve and deliver. This isn’t one of those products that you buy at a cheap rate and then spend double of it on its maintenance and replacement every single month. It’s instead, a filter that only troubles your pocket once and then never worries you again. To make the price affordable for a large group of people, they haven’t compromised on the product quality. All the Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter parts are of excellent quality and do not necessitate frequent repairs or replacements.

This superior quality is the reason why the people buying Magniflow Marineland canister filters never switch to any other brand thereupon. Durability is one of the most important requirements of the consumers and the Marineland Magniflow canister aquarium filter is fully prepared to fulfil this desire. Marineland Magniflow warranty is mentioned on the package and is usually somewhere between 2-3 years.


The water from the tank passes through four different chambers inside the

Marineland Magniflow filter, namely chemical, mechanical, biological, and water polisher. All the three initial filtration stages make sure that the water is free of all harmful bacteria and impurities. These stages improve the quality of the water and make it a lot more healthy for aquatic flora and fauna. Apart from these, the fourth, unique filtration stage of water polishing does the job of making the water appear healthy and crystal clear. It works on discolorations and grants bright and crystalline appearance to the tank water. The polishing filter pad filters out the finest impurities and is thus a very beneficial addition to the filter media setup.

Pros And Cons

Here is a quick recap of the positives and negatives of the Magniflow Marineland canister filters. We hope they help you figure out what you’re looking for.


  • Noise-free working
  • Long-lasting product
  • High flow rate
  • Suitable for all tank sizes
  • Highly capacious
  • Strong filter body
  • Top-notch filter parts
  • Quick operations
  • Worth the cost
  • 3-stage filtration process
  • Smooth cleaning process
  • Minimal replacement of filter parts
  • Low maintenance requested


  • Huge in size and therefore needs adequate space for installation
  • The cost is a little high
  • Slightly heavy

These are some of the common Marineland Magniflow problems.

After viewing the Marineland Magniflow pros and cons, you can now confidently make a better choice.

How To Install Marineland® Magniflow™ 160 Canister Filter?

You don’t need much knowledge and expertise to set up a Marineland Magniflow canister filter. You just need to check out Marineland Magniflow instructions in the manual or watch a few instructional videos on youtube. The process primarily consists of filter media setup and making hose connections. Once you have arranged all the Marineland Magniflow media in the correct order, you can close the filter assembly. The second major step is to trim the hoses at the desired length and attach them to the hose adapters.

How To Prime Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter?

Priming a filter could earlier give goosebumps to the people. You should be thankful for being born in an era where manual siphoning has been eliminated. Now priming merely requires you to press a prime button and it’s all done.

How Many Gallons Per Hour In A Marineland Magniflow Filter?

The 30 gallons Marineland Magniflow canister filter for aquariums, having fast maintenance features possesses a flow rate of 160 gallons per hour. According to the tank size, you can choose amongst other Marineland Magniflow canisters like Marineland Magniflow 220/360. The Marineland Magniflow canister filter 160 can be an ideal choice for goldfish tanks.

How Loud Are The Marineland Magniflow Canister Aquarium Filters?

If you too, like the 90 percent of the population, are looking for a silent filter with uncompromised features, then Marineland Magniflow canister aquarium filter 160 should be your first choice. The noise-free feature of the Marineland Magniflow canister filter has been highlighted in almost all the Marineland Magniflow 160 reviews.

No matter where you place the Marineland Magniflow c-160 canister filter, it will never bother your sleep or working environment. Once you buy it, you will know what a blessing it is to own a filter with such great capacity, performance, and silence.

How To Clean Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter?

Cleaning isn’t a tough job when it comes to

Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter. You just have to remember to turn off the valve block before you start with the process to prevent Marineland Magniflow from leaking water. The filter assembly is then opened to reach out to the Marineland Magniflow media trays. How to open or unhook a Marineland Magniflow canister filter should never be a cause of your stress as it is extremely simple. You just have to carefully disconnect the clips and uncover the lid. The Marineland Magniflow canister trays and filter media should be thoroughly cleaned and replaced if required. Once it’s completed, the Marineland Magniflow c-160 canister filter is restored with some amount of water to initiate the priming process.

What Diameter Tubing Does The Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter Use?

The diameter of the Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter replacement hose is ⅝ of an inch.

How Often To Clean Marineland Magniflow 160 Canister Filter?

The Marineland Magniflow 160 cleaning is not an arduous task and is not even necessitated frequently. Cleaning once or twice every 4-6 weeks is usually enough.


What are the main characteristics that one looks for in a filter? – Good filtration capacity, durability, and affordable cost. The Marineland Magniflow canister aquarium filter fulfills all these major requirements and is sure to impress you with a lot of additional features too. The filter facilitates multistage filtration including chemical, biological and mechanical filter media stages. The Marineland Magniflow canister filter

setup is a breeze and requires a minimal if your time. The Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter parts are of terrific quality and no leakage issues are ever reported. Doesn’t matter if it is Fluval 306 vs Marineland Magniflow or Marineland Magniflow 160 vs Eheim 2213

or even Hydor vs Marineland Magniflow,

the latter always has enough windfalls to transcend all the rest. The Marineland Magniflow canister review above can make you agree with us. The Marineland Magniflow 160 canister filter replacement is a rare event as it usually functions well for long periods. On the whole, all the aquarists publish a good Marineland Magniflow 160 review.

If it’s your first time with aquariums and filters, then do not wander anywhere else and just go for Marineland Magniflow 160 filters. It isn’t so common to get a service like that at an affordable price, so you must grab it without a second thought. You can visit shopping platforms like amazon for purchasing Marineland Magniflow canister filters.