Just as we need a fresh and healthy environment to survive, fish too require a decent aquatic environment. The water they live in should be one hundred percent clean and free from impurities. Adulterated water can have a drastic effect on the health of the fish. This is the reason why marine aquarists from all over the world are emphasizing the importance of a good filter inside the tanks.

Discovering a good filter amongst so many others in the market is indeed similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Based on the careful analysis made by our team, the Hydor Professional canister filter is considered to be one of the best external canister filters of 2020.  We have personally reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the product to provide you an honest and detailed review. According to the report of our team, Hydor Professional External Canister Filter should be the right choice for every marine aquarist.

Product Description

The Hydor company has been an old name in the aquarium manufacturing industry. They have been producing aquarium-related components for several years. Though the filter market is a little new to them, yet they offer an abundance of features and remarkable perfection.

The Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filter has a smart pump, efficient filtration system, telescopic intake tubes, and self-priming feature. There is no trouble with the assembly and locking system of the filter. The input and output pipes are fully adjustable. The design of the filter is compact enough to easily fit into small corners of your home or office. The 3-stage filtration, including – biological, chemical, and mechanical filters makes the product an excellent choice. It’s amazing how the makers have constructed the Hydor to occupy the least space and yet possess a large filter volume.

Specifications And Details

Here are some important details about different models of the Hydor Professional canister filter:

Hydor Professional Canister Filter 150

Indications – 20-40 gallon tanks

Filter Media – 2 media trays

Filter Circulation – 160 gallons per hour

Filter Volume – 3.2 litres

Pump output- 190 gph flow rate

Power consumption – 11W

Hydor Professional Canister Filter 250

Indications –  40-75 gallon tanks

Filter Media – 3 media trays

Filter Circulation -200 gallons per hour

Filter volume – 5 litres

Pump output-225 gallons per hour

Power Consumption -17W

Hydor Professional Canister Filter 350

Indications – 60-100 gallon tanks

Filter Media – 3 media trays

Filter Circulation -240 gallons per hour

Filter volume – 6.5 litres

Pump Output – 280 gallons per hour

Power consumption -22W

Hydor Professional Canister Filter 450

Indications: 75-125 gallon tanks

Filter Media -4 media trays

Filter Circulation -260 gallons per hour

Filter volume – 9.7 litres

Pump Output -320 gallons per hour

Power Consumption -34W

Hydor Professional Canister Filter 600

Indications -90-150 gallon tanks

Filter Media -5 media trays,

Filter Circulation – 290 gallons per hour

Filter volume -12.2 litres

Pump Output – 345 gallons per hour

Power Consumption -35W

All the models have their exclusive features. The filtration process of each of these models is highly impressive.

Contents Of The Package

  • Input and output pipes
  • Adjustable spray bar
  • An expandable water intake tube
  • Suction cups -8 in quantity
  • An exhaust tube


Filter Media

Filter media of Hydor Professional canister filter contains:

  • 1 Sponge – for mechanical filtration
  • 2 packs of ceramic rings- highly porous filter media
  • 2 synthetic filtering pads- for superfine filtration

 Here is a list of filter media available with the Hydor Professional canister filter:

  • Hydor Professional White Floss Pad Filter Media
  • Hydor Professional Black Coarse Sponge Filter Media
  • Hydor Labs Chemical Media

Canister Design

By merely looking at this product, you will be compelled to appreciate its extraordinary design. The creators have tried to include all the required features in addition to imparting a subtle look. The quality of the material used for making the Hydor Professional canister filter is top-notch. Its wonderful rectangular shape is bound to hold a larger quantity of water than the other canisters. They have nowhere compromised on the quality of the filter elements. The 4-locking clamp system provides a strong framework for the filter and also prevents any kind of leakage. Each element of the Hydor Professional canister filter has a unique shape that favors the correct utilization of the filter. On the whole, its design is just great for capacity.

Easy Setup

One doesn’t need to have any fancy or additional knowledge about the setup of the Hydor Professional canister filter models. Even if it’s your first experience with the canister filter, the set-up and installation will be as simple as ABC. Just a few steps can help you quickly assemble the Hydor Professional canister filter.

Usually, the layman finds it very difficult to understand the complex instructions mentioned in the manual provided along with the filters. This is the reason why the makers of Hydor Professional canister filters have made it easy to assemble it without having to look at the instructions. In merely 30 minutes, you can put up all the elements in the right place.

The ability to connect the hoses makes the working a lot simpler. Since the inlet and outlet connectors can be easily curled, you can connect the pipes at different angles.

Impressive Flow Rate and Capacity

The flow rate is a characteristic that stands out as the topmost priority for the buyers. Everyone looks out for a filter that has an optimum flow rate for their tanks. This is where the Hydor Professional canister filter can win hearts with its great flow rate of 240-280 gallons per hour. Such a good flow rate is not a common finding in most of the other filters available in the market. The Hydor Professional canister filter can work well in tanks as large as 150 gallons or as small as 20 gallons.

Low Noise when Turned On

Even though the filter has just put forth it’s baby steps into the industry, yet it will be wrong to call it a naive innovation. It has arrived-in after doing proper research of what the customers prefer to have and what can be best provided by the technology.

We all know that noisy filters are just too irritating, they can spoil the calm vibe of your living room or the bedroom. In most of the filters, there is a lot of vibration that reaches the human ear or the nearby surroundings. The sound produced by the filters is not just annoying but also threatening for people who get worried about the functioning of the filter.

Keeping this in mind, the makers of the Hydor Professional canister filter have designed it to be completely noise-free. You will hear no vibrations or sounds from the filter.

Filtration Media Layers

The filter media layers may vary according to different models; some have three media trays, while others may have five. Three-layers is a common finding and is sufficient for the efficient filtration of the aquarium. Since the canister chamber is quite large, you have the privilege to change the order and number of filter media as per your requirement. Filter media trays are completely stacked upon one another, leaving no places on the sides. This ensures that all of the water undergoes the process of filtration and cannot escape through the sides.

Clean with Ease

There are two reasons to appreciate the Hydor canister filter in this aspect. The first one being that it doesn’t require frequent cleaning and the second that the cleaning process of the filter is an easy job to perform. You just have to disassemble the lid and remove all the filter media to clean it properly. Just remember to turn off the main pipe to prevent any leakage. Once you have cleaned all the filter media, you should look for the impeller and wash it thoroughly with water.


  • Easily understandable set-up
  • Efficient and attractive design
  • Safety lock system
  • Impressive flow rate
  • Cleaning is no pain
  • Easy usability
  • Decent priming system
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Noise-free operations
  • Consists of a telescopic intake tube and an expandable spray bar
  • Good capacity
  • Worth the cost
  • Highly efficient and good quality motor
  • A cheaper and better substitute for expensive and branded filters
  • 2-year warranty
  • Closely packed filter media trays


  • Since the product is new in the market, you might have to face a little trouble hunting replacement for the components that have been damaged beyond repair
  • Leakage issues are often encountered even after disconnecting the valves
  • The setup manual provided along is not so helpful
  • Charcoal media is not provided along

How to adjust the flow rate of the Hydor Professional canister filter?

The flow rate of this efficient filter can be easily adjusted using the ball valves attached to the tubing. You can control the output based on the fish in your tank. It also serves the purpose of reducing backpressure.

Hydor Professional canister filter vs Fluval?

Though the basic design and shape of both of these filters are the same, yet there are some significant differences between the two. To keep it brief and relevant, Fluval is an expensive and easy-to-clean version of Hydor. Fluval has a greater cost but its process of cleaning and maintenance is so much less infuriating than that of Hydor, which has leakage issues. On the contrary, the Hydor Professional canister filter also has several advantages over Fluval. It comes with an adjustable spray bar which is absent in most other filters. The spray bar helps in adjusting the flow rate and makes it comfortable for fish. You will have to separately buy this in the case of Fluval.

So, if you are highly impressed by Hydor’s low cost and beneficial spray bar, you can choose it over Fluval.

How to Set up the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter?

Unlike most of the other filters, the setup process is not so hard. Firstly, fill the filter media baskets with the appropriate filter media and stack them up. Then, connect the tubing provided in the package. You can adjust the length of the tubing by cutting it and then affix the adjustable spray bar to control the flow rate. Lastly, just clamber the tubing on the inner wall of the tank with the help of available suction cups. This is all you need to do. In case you have any doubts, you can check out the detailed instructional video available on Hydor Professional canister filter’s official website or Hydor canister filter manual.

How to Prime the Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

Priming is a process wherein you have to fill some amount of water into the canister before it starts its operations. The old filters required manual pumping of water, but the technology has given rise to convenient filters that have an inbuilt self-priming feature. Hydor is no exception; you just have to press the button 3-4 times, and it completes the priming.

The Bottom Line

Are you also baffled by the vast variety of canister filters available in the market? If yes, we suggest you hold your horses and decide on the Hydor Professional canister filter for your tank because this one will provide you all the necessary features at a nominal price. Greater effectiveness and handiness have made the Hydor Professional canister filter a reliable choice. Since a filter is the most essential equipment for an aquarium, don’t fall for any cheap and low-quality filters. The Hydor Professional canister filter is the one that possesses the top-most quality at an affordable price. The sound-free working and high flow rate are some of its exclusive features. Also, the canister is translucent, making It easier for you to determine the water level. Its large filter media trays ensure proper stacking without leaving any empty spaces at the peripheries.

If you still wish for more, look at the benefits of its adjustable spray bar and telescopic intake tube. The expandable spray bar has 4 sections that help with customization of the water flow inside the tank by allowing you to adjust the length and placement in the tank. The telescopic intake tube is also highly beneficial.

Apart from minor managable leakage issues and replacement troubles, Hydor Professional canister filter has everything you always wished to have in a filter for your aquarium.