Fluval G6 aquarium water filters are in great demand in the market. People are very much impressed by the positive hype created by Fluval G6 reviews available on the web. But a few controversial statements about the Fluval G6 external filter system have also surfaced, which is why we decided to investigate it ourselves and provide you a fair Fluval G6 filter review.

This canister filter review below shall prove to be of great help to you as without being one-sided, we have presented both its positives and negatives. Our Fluval G6 review has talked about all the features, accessories, performance, installation, and maintenance of the Fluval G6 canister filter along with common Fluval G6 problems.


G6 fluval g series aquarium water canister filter for fish tanks review

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G6 Specifications

  • Suitability:  both freshwater and marine water systems
  • Fish tank size: 80 up to 160 gallons
  • Tank water flow rate:  265 gallons per hour
  • Voltage: 110 V/220V 60Hz
  • Power filter:  28W
  • Weight: 10.16 kilograms
  • Dimensions– 38.1 x 29.21 x 36.58 cm
  • Output: 340 US gallons per hour or 2460 litres per hour
  • Hose size: 16/22mm tube
  • Mechanical area foam: 386 Square inches

Fluval G6 features

With a unique mix of visual appeal, monitoring capabilities and performance, Fluval G6 redefines the field of external cascade filters. The G6 Series is a remarkable, high-tech wonder with an elegant cubic shape providing an excellent filtration process.

Flow Rate

With a hose size of 16/22mm, G6 premium fish tank filter pumps up to 265 US gallons per hour of water. No user has ever complained about the Fluval G6 low flow rate. However, If your fish tank is too small or too big and you are experiencing flow rate problems, Fluval G6 water flow rate can be regulated as per the tank size, so it can fit for example in your discus tank. The performance of Fluval G6 in saltwater and freshwater aquariums has been outstanding.


The filter Fluval G6 has an incredible 3 component drive system that creates absolutely no noise and still exhibits excellent performance. The Fluval G6 advanced filtration system consists of two microprocessors that regulate the robust dual-drive coil and consequently take care of the performance, speed, and direction of the Fluval G6 impeller.

Canister Filter Media

The Fluval G6 filters have enough space for filter media incorporation. In this unit, you have the liberty to include a large variety of filter media such as chemical, biological and mechanical. The filtration chambers of the filter Fluval G6 are highly spacious.

The biological Fluval G6 filter media tray consists of Fluval G nodes which are beneficial in the growth of essential microbes.

The mechanical filter tray consists of a Fluval G6 pre-filter cartridge that ensures the removal of unwanted debris and pollutants from the tank water.

The chemical Fluval G6 filter media works to remove toxic chemicals from the water that could be hazardous to the life of aquatic plants and animals. Chemical Fluval G6 filter media like activated carbon are essential for maintaining a good chemical balance inside the tank water.

The Smart Monitor

The Hydrotech intelligent monitoring system is a great feature, driven by a high-tech microprocessor, as it constantly informs you about the temperature, flow rate, or conductivity of the Fluval G6 external canister filter system. The Hydrotech intelligent monitoring system of Fluval G6 advanced filtration system might not remain illuminated throughout but you can anytime press the screen to check the readings.

All the required information is available, such as flow of water, water temperature, saline levels and conductivity. It immediately warns you once any of those metrics changes from the desirable range. For example, the screen will start flashing if the water temperature is too high or too low and if water flow rate and water temperature ever falls below the set range.

Conductivity Meter

Incorporating a conductivity meter inside a Fluval G6 external filter system is indeed a large investment, but unfortunately, not many consumers fall for it. Most people only consider it as an expensive and useless addition and prefer to have a Fluval G6 heater instead. To gain accurate knowledge about its benefits, you can refer to the instructional DVD or Fluval G6 manual provided in the Fluval a412 premium aussenfilter G6 canister package. The brief and useful information is that the conductivity meter of the Fluval G6 aquarium power filter can help you know when it’s time to conduct water changes in the fish tank. Therefore, the significance of the conductivity meter is no less than that of a Fluval G6 heater.


The canister is integrated with the AquaStop valve lever providing an easy way to stop the flow of water, hence the entire component can be easily removed by raising the AquaStop release lever. Also, with maintenance scheduler is set so you can be keep updated to your next maintenance. Once the programmed day comes the maintenance scheduler will automatically inform you.

fluval 265 gallons per hour canister filter

Fluval G6 Pros and Cons

It’s very important to mention both the benefits and problems of the Fluval G6 aquarium power filter in the Fluval G6 aquarium filter review as only then you can make a fair choice.


  • Uncomplicated priming process
  • Suitable for most tank sizes ( + tank with turtles)
  • Allows incorporation of several types of filter media
  • Undemanding cleaning
  • Gasket ensures a leak-proof seal
  • Reliable equipment
  • Excellent performance
  • 3-stage filtration pump system
  • Exemplary design
  • Painless maintenance
  • Beneficial conductivity meter
  • In-built smart monitor
  • G6 Secure Seal: with silicone gasket


  • Fluval G6 replacement parts are quite high-priced (especially the G6 impeller)
  • A few cases of leakage have been reported by long time users in the shop
  • Inaudible alarm sound
  • Complicated explanation of conductivity

These are most of the Fluval G6 problems encountered, if you happen to notice anything else you probably have a faulty unit.

g6 canister cascade fish tank filter up to 160 gallons

Fluval G6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a detailed list of frequently asked queestion about the Fluval G6 external canister filtration system.

How to Prime The G6 Aquarium Water Filter?

Manual siphoning is totally out of question in recently manufactured filters like Fluval G6 advanced filtration system. The two tasks of air bubble elimination and water filling are accomplished simultaneously in the advanced Fluval G6 filters by just pushing the self-priming button a few times. You can find self-priming Fluval G6 for sale in second hand websites but for the exact reason that the priming button may have been abused, we wouldn’t recommend second hand G6.

After automatic priming, filter circulation will being with water being sucked into the intake hose, overflowing the canister and forcing air out of the way. Then it will be pushed back into the tank by the supplementary spray bars or output nozzles.

How Often Should You Clean Your Fluval G6?

Cleaning the Fluval G6 filters once every 30 days should be pretty good. Though the Fluval G6 manual does not ask you to necessarily turn off the Fluval a412 premium aussenfilter G6 while undertaking the cleaning process, yet you can do so to avoid any casualties and ensure hassle-free cleaning.

How to Get Rid Of Nitrate Using Fluval Canister G6?

Changing the water of this canister filter can greatly reduce the nitrate levels. Apart from water changes, utilizing a nitrate cartridge can eliminate as much as 24,000 mg of nitrate ion from the Fluval G6 advanced filtration system.

On Purchasing Fluval G6, What Comes In The Box?

After our reviewal team performed the Fluval G6 unboxing, the package consists of the following Fluval G6 parts:

  • Fluval G6 impeller
  • G-nodes
  • Spray bars
  • Instructional DVD
  • Pre-filter cartridge
  • 16/22mm hose
  • Rim connectors
  • Fluval G6 manual
  • Strainer
  • Carbon filled chemical pre-filter cartridge

How to Setup The Fluval G6 Canister Filter?

Fluval G6 dimensions are such so it can be easily accommodated in regular cabinets. Fluval G6 setup isn’t a bothersome task, and G6 parts can be put together in no time.

Firstly, you will have to put the leak-proof gasket into the groove visible on the rim of the Fluval G6 filter.

Then the canister filter media needs to be placed nicely into the filter media baskets.

Once you are done with stacking the Fluval G6 media trays, you can close the filter lid with the help of handles present on the sides. You can even check out the Fluval G6 video that explains the step-by-step Fluval G6 setup.

Just make sure you don’t misplace anything as the cost of Fluval G6 replacement parts can dig a hole in your pocket.

Isn’t this whole Fluval G6 setup 60-gallon process too easy for the naive aquarists? Our team in this the Fluval G6 review specifically focus on this amazing aspect because we are amazed on how easy it is to install it.

fluval g6 intelligent monitoring system

How to Refill Fluval G6 Carbon?

The best is to put the carbon bags directly into the Fluval G6 pre-filter cartridge. However, if the bag doesn’t fit into the Fluval G6 cartridge, take out the carbon from the bag and put it inside the Fluval G6 pre-filter cartridge.

How to Clean Fluval G6?

Our Fluval G6 test reveals that the cleaning process of the Fluval G6 canister filter is child’s play. Well, not literally, but certainly simpler than most of the other filters available in the market.

The aqua stop valves of the Fluval G6 canister filter are believed to provide the biggest help here as lifting their lever can stop the flow of the water and thus make the process of cleaning a lot simpler. Once the

Fluval G6 pre-filter cartridges are removed, you can use the brush provided in the package to clean them from the inside. You can even replace the Fluval G6 hose if they have been aggressively used.

Also, clean the Fluval G6 impeller nicely and attach the Fluval G6 hose to their position. After you’re done with the cleaning, you can lower down the lever to again start the flow of the water. For more help, you can read the Fluval G6 manual. Just try to not lose any Fluval G6 parts while cleaning.

What is the best fluval filter?

Fluval has been a well known canister filter manufacturer from Hagen, Germany. They build quality best canister filters that are reliable and offer many useful functions. Fluval filters seem to be more expensive than most other kinds of external cascade filters, but you certainly get what you paying for.

Whether you are getting a fluval g series or a regular Fluval or a FX series you should adjust your purchase into the correct fish tank filter that suits your situation. Aquarium capacity and organisms in the aquarium play the most pivotal role. Usually, aquarium hobbyists tend to compare the canister filters G6 vs FX6, G6 vs FX4, G3 vs G6. Jugding by the aquarium capacity our team would say FX4 comes closer to G6.

g6 water flow rate with self priming button

Final Word

Undoubtedly, we all do appreciate the magnificence of the Fluval G6 advanced filtration system that scored very high on all the tests for this review.

The installation of Fluval G6 parts is no pain if you browse through the Fluval G6 manual, which is well written.

The Fluval G6 aquarium power filter exhibits incredible features and most importantly, is fairly priced.

Indeed, the cost of Fluval G6 replacement parts is a little uneconomical but considering the durability of the equipment, you shouldn’t be much worried about replacement expenses. Rest, the features of Fluval G6 saltwater filter are indisputably excellent.

According to our Fluval G6 test, the minor Fluval G6 issues can be easily overlooked. Even if it’s Fluval fx6 vs G6, the latter will still be a promising choice.