Our team has surveyed the Fluval G3 filter on all the necessary grounds and has penned a fair Fluval G3 review. We have tried our best to equip you with all the necessary information about the Fluval G3 filter so that you can make a reasonable choice. Once you read this Fluval G3 review, you will not have to go anywhere else to refine your search. Remember to refine the information and take a decision whether this filters fits on your current aquarium setup.

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  • Fluval G3 indications: both freshwater and marine water systems
  • Fluval G3 suitable tank size: up to 80 gallons
  • Fluval G3 flow rate:  185 gallons per hour
  • Fluval G3 power of filter: 17W
  • Fluval G3 weight: 20 pounds
  • Fluval G3 dimensions: 10 x 9 x 10 inches

fluval g3 reviews

Fluval G3 Features

The G3 canister filter has a plethora of fantastic characteristics that make it a top option for consumers, but in order to keep the review concise yet relevant, we have attempted to list some of its distinct qualities below that demand your attention.


Earlier consumers would just try to hide their shabby-looking, huge filters but now the filters have finally become a thing of the display. This is the reason the Fluval G3 filter manufacturers have diligently focused on the design and size of the Fluval G3 filters. The innovative cubicle design of the Fluval G3 advanced filtration system is extremely attractive and the aluminum and chrome detailing is another desirable addition.


If priming has always been your biggest concern, then you should lower down your adrenaline rush as the Fluval G3 filter manufacturers have found a way to curb all your troubles. You will just have to press down the prime button of the Fluval G3 filter a few times to fill up the tank with sufficient water and also get rid of the unwanted air bubbles.

The Fluval G3 canister filter has a very smart LCD which itself detects the presence of any air bubbles and immediately notifies you about the same. The process of priming expels the air bubble and thus ensures smooth working of the Fluval G3 filter.

Build Quality

All the Fluval G3 parts are of great quality which eventually makes the Fluval G3 filter quite sturdy and long-lasting. Though the outer plastic skin of the Fluval G3 filter might be prone to scratches, yet it all depends upon your care and maintenance. The scratches on the outside of Fluval G3 parts might render an old and worn-down look to the Fluval G3 external filter system, therefore try to take good care of it.

The Fluval G3 tubing is highly opaque which means you would never locate any change of color in water due to impurities. Thus, with the Fluval G3 advanced aquarium filter system, you will only have to rely on the monitor to notify you about water changes.

All the Fluval G3 reviews specifically applaud the exemplary design of the Fluval G3 canister filter. Fluval G3 hose size is also of adequate diameter.

Leak-proof Seal

Fluval filter G3 has absolutely no leakage concerns. The silicone gasket of the Fluval G3 filter promises a leak-proof seal. Even if you own a Fluval G3 for the saltwater tank, you don’t need to worry about the effect of saltwater on the seal quality of the Fluval G3 filter as no corrosion shall ever be encountered. The gasket works well with Fluval G3 saltwater and thus, you can stay relaxed about the leakage issues.

Conductivity Meter

Our Fluval G3 power filter review, clearly states that no consumer appreciates the function and importance of a conductivity meter in a Fluval g3 canister filter. Believe us, not even experienced aquarists are familiar with its significance.

The job of a conductivity meter is to detect the need for water changes and accordingly alert you about the same. The

Fluval G3 canister filter manufacturers advise you to keep the output reading a little high based on the type of tank water. This action is essential so that the conductivity meter of the Fluval g3 filter displays conductivity for freshwater and salinity for the Fluval g3 saltwater systems. The display of accurate reading in the Fluval G3 advanced filtration system requires a minimum of 2 days. All this helps in identifying the time for a water change in the Fluval g3 filter and also the suitability of water for the fish present inside the tank. The conductivity rises as and when the maintenance is urgently required or the Fluval G3 low flow rate ensues. You can read more about it in the Fluval G3 manual.


The 63 varied Fluval G3 screens give all the required details about the Fluval G3 filter’s salinity, flow rate, conductivity, temperature, etc. Automatic updates are provided whenever any major fluctuation is observed in any of these set parameters. Also, any event of air entrapment in the Fluval G3 canister filter is notified timely.

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Pros And Cons

Based on our team’s investigation on Fluval G3 reviews testing, we have penned down a few pros and cons of the Fluval G3 advanced filtration system.


  • Smooth maintenance
  • Untroublesome set up
  • Locking lids ensure a leak-proof seal
  • Compact size, thus easy to accommodate in small spaces
  • Appropriate Fluval G3 hose size
  • Innovative design
  • Self-priming ability
  • Durable piece of equipment
  • Adequate space for Fluval G3 media accommodation
  • Easily understandable LCD monitor
  • Beneficial conductivity meter to notify about all the necessary water changes


  • Difficult to lift while cleaning
  • Noisier than most of the filters
  • High cost is a pain
  • Expensive Fluval G3 replacement parts

Are these Fluval G3 problems big enough to deter you from buying this amazing filter? Well, according to our conclusion, these Fluval G3 problems can be easily ignored if you carefully focus on its numerous beneficial features. And don’t worry about Fluval G3 discontinued buzzes, there is no truth to it.

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Fluval G3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following is a comprehensive collection of commonly asked questions for the Fluval G3 cascade filter.

How To Clean The Fluval G3 Power Filter?

The easy-to-clean cartridges have certainly helped the Fluval G3 canister filter gain huge popularity as not every filter makes the cleaning process so easy for you. The easily accessible Fluval G3 media trays are another plus point that falls in the bag of the Fluval G3 filter. All this makes it easy to clean the Fluval G3 media trays.

How To Prime Fluval G3 Power Filter?

Nowadays, each filter now has a self-priming feature, which means you only have to plug in the Fluval G3 external filter and then press the priming button a few times. The self-priming feature is a highlight of most Fluval G3 reviews available on the web.

How Difficult Is The Fluval G3 Setup?

Making hose connections and initiating priming are the two major tasks involved in Fluval G3 setup. Since priming is already taken care of with the self-priming feature, you will only have to focus on making correct Fluval G3 hose connections. You can correctly attach the hoses of the Fluval G3 canister by reading the useful Fluval G3 manual provided in the package. The Fluval G3 manual consists of necessary details about Fluval G3 suction and Fluval G3 hose size. You can also check Fluval G3 YouTube videos explaining detailed Fluval G3 setup.

How To Open A Fluval G3 Cartridge?

The Fluval G3 chemical cartridge can be opened by normal pulling. However, you can also take the help of a screwdriver to make it easier. It’s no hard task to open a Fluval G3 chemical cartridge. The instructions for the same are also provided in the Fluval G3 manual.

How To Increase Flow On Fluval G3?

Fluval G3 advanced filtration system has a flow rate of 185 gallons per hour and this flow rate can be increased or decreased with the help of valves or positioning the hoses at different angles. The smart monitor can also help you regulate the flow rate of Fluval G3. The Fluval G3 canister filter works pretty well for tanks as large as 80 gallons.

Final Verdict

We all know the more spacious the filter media, the greater will be the filtration efficiency of the filter. Thus, the sufficient space for Fluval G3 media facilitates optimum filtration and creates a healthy environment for the fish to live. According to most Fluval G3 reviews, the Fluval G3 canister filter is an appliance created with all the necessary and desired features. The Fluval G3 filter is moderately capacious and is capable of holding as much as 80 gallons of aquarium water. Whether it is a Fluval G3 in saltwater or a Fluval G3 in freshwater, the performance is excellent in both cases. All of the Fluval G3 parts are of exceptional quality. There have been some Fluval G3 discontinued whispers, but that shouldn’t bother you as so many websites still offer Fluval G3 for sale. One might complain about the high prices of Fluval G3 replacement parts, but if you unfailingly take good care and perform maintenance of the filter on time, you will not have to worry about buying Fluval G3 replacement parts for a long time. Till now, the Fluval G3 low flow or Fluval G3 weak flow has never troubled any of the consumers, hence, without a doubt, the weight of the pros of the G3 filter is more compared to its cons. If you think conscientiously, the Fluval G3 problems can be easily ignored in comparison to the huge benefits it is providing you. You can buy Fluval G3 on Amazon and also use the special discounted Fluval G3 coupons.

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